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Dear JAWS user,

Have you just purchased some brand new JAWS software but haven't got a clue what to do with it?


Do you have a long list of things you need to know how to do but don't even know where to start?


Would you like to have a Freelance trainer train you on your own computer how to do those things and get you off to a flying start as soon as possible?


If you do, call or send me an email, we can arrange your training sessions and I will show you how to do all the things you need to know.


I travel all over the UK from my home in North London to train blind and visually impaired people how to use JAWS, individuals in their homes, schoolkids, college students, teachers, lecturers, employers and employees, other I.T. trainers and more...


Whether you prefer to have your training at home, school, college, university or on-site at work, you can have your training wherever you want.


You can have just a few hours training for one day, or if you require regular training sessions for 3 months, 6 months or longer, I can cater for all your needs.


I am a qualified level-1 Freelance I.T. trainer and since May 2004 I have delivered JAWS for Windows training as a certified specialist throughout the UK.


I am registered with the BTCS, (British Computer Association of the Blind Training Certification Scheme) which is run by the RNIB.


Gaining certification through the BTCS, allows me to offer all my clients the following benefits and assurances specifically based around Jaws for Windows....




  • I use the latest version of JAWS every day
  • I can offer you FREE telephone assistance when installing  JAWS
  • I offer support if you are experiencing problems with installing JAWS
  • I offer help and guidance with customising JAWS settings
  • I regularly refresh my knowledge of updates and various versions of JAWS
  • I am continually seeking to improve my training skills


If you want to use JAWS and learn how to use the internet and do your banking and shopping on line, or if you need to produce spreadsheets or powerpoint presentations, or if you simply want to download music and use Windows Media Player, the iTunes player or Real Player, play PC games, whatever it is, get in touch today.


Contact me to book your training sessions, I guarantee to deliver everything that you need to master JAWS as quickly as possible so you can start using your computer to do all the things you need to do.


60% of my clients are from London and the surrounding areas, so even though I am totally blind, I have no problems travelling to where my clients are to deliver their JAWS training.


I also deliver JAWS training to clients in the West Midlands, Hampshire, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Wales and other places throughout the UK.  So you can have your training at your school, college, university, workplace or even at your home.


I offer training with all the VARIOUS versions of JAWS FOR WINDOWS.


I can deliver training for whichever version of JAWS you may have right up to the latest edition, version 15.


In addition, Jaws also now uses Real Speak voices.  This ever growing collection of male and female voices currently numbers around 200 varying languages which are incredibly human sounding, compared to the initial Elloquence synthasiser voices which accompany earlier versions of JAWS.  These voices can be downloaded from the Freedom Scientific website for free.


Contact me today.  You can talk to me on the phone or send me an email.


Useful tips to get started with JAWS
1. When you purchase your JAWS software, you must install and activate it within 30 days.
2. You will receive 3 activations with your new JAWS software which are linked to your unique serial number. This will allow you to install JAWS 3 times, on either a lap top or desktop computer unless, you have a special multiple licenced version.
3. When installing JAWS, just follow the on screen and spoken instructions. If you run in to any problems, contact your supplier who will offer you free assistance or, you can contact me for free assistance if you wish.


If you feel you need any further support after your JAWS training, I can provide you with “FREE” technical support by telephone or email.


And as you will now be using a premium screen reader, I guarantee to deliver a high standard of training so that you can get the most out of your computer and JAWS for Windows.


Payment for your training can be made by cheque or bank transfer prior to or on the day of training. Alternatively in some cases, an invoice can be arranged allowing 30 days to settle payment of training fees and traveling expenses.


There are only a small number of Freelance JAWS trainers in the UK, so call me now and book your training and get started with your new JAWS software today.


Call me direct on my mobile 07450 245850.


Or email: info@azzabat.co.uk


Updated January 2014