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Welcome to Azzabat’s Audio Mastering and Duplication services.


Azzabat produces "Spoken Word" and "Audio" productions on CD, DVD and USB drives for all kinds of organizations, businesses, charities, individuals and audio projects that anyone may be involved in or working on.


Have your items produced at a professional level and choose from a variety of audio formats.


You can request as many copies or duplications of your Master Audio as you wish, with no minimum or maximum order.


Can you produce Audio versions on cassette as well as CDs?


Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer a cassette production or cassette duplication service but we can produce your audio projects on CD and other formats.


Your audio productions are produced and then duplicated using an Acard CD/DVD 1 to 9 duplicator.


What projects can you produce in audio?


Our audio duplication department caters for Private Individuals, Commercial Businesses, Charities, Educational organizations and anyone who requires an audio recording and duplicating service.


The following list will give you a good idea of what we can produce for you, but if you have any projects which are not in this list, please contact us because I am sure we can accommodate your project.





  • Books (as long as we have copyright permission)
  • Personal Diaries
  • Letters
  • Timetables
  • Tourist Information Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Assessments
  • Reports
  • Catalogues
  • Directories
  • Newsletters
  • Handbooks or Manuals


We also transfer vintage audio cassettes and old lp records to CD.  Whether your cassette contains spoken word content, music, childhood recordings or anything else, we can convert it for you to an MP3 format creating a brand new crystal clear version.


And, we can also transfer your old vinyl record collections.


Please call or email for more information and details about these services.


Is it possible for you to provide backing music and sound effects?


Yes it is!


There are numerous options of background music and effects we can apply to your audio project.  We will clarify these details with you at the consultation stage of your project.


Every CD we produce contains track indicators, so that listeners can switch between tracks quickly.


Can you provide Booklets or Inserts?


Yes we can!


All booklets/inserts are designed and made to your specific requirements and instructions.


We can provide booklets and inserts in regular size print, larger sized print, audio formats and Braille.


We can copy or duplicate as many copies of your Audio Master as you require.


How much do you charge?


Well, because there are different specifications and content for every project we produce, here is a rough guide for you to give you some idea of charges.


If your project contains 1,000 words, the running time would be approximately 10 minutes. Production of an Audio Master on CD would cost £60.


If your project contains 3,000 words, the running time would be approximately 30 minutes. Production of an Audio Master on CD would cost £150.


For a project which contains 10,000 words, the running time would be approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Production of an Audio Master CD, would cost £450.


Each copy of your Audio Master would cost £4 for each CD, DVD or USB Thumb Drive needed to complete a copy of the Audio Master.


E.G. if a copy of the Audio Master requires 2 CDs, this would cost £8
a copy requiring 3 £12
a copy requiring 4 £16
a copy requiring 5 £20 and so on...


1 CD can hold up to roughly 75 minutes of audio and DVD's and USB Thumb Drives can vary in size from 1GB to 2GB, 4GB, 10GB and more.


When your audio Masters have been duplicated, they are packaged in single, double, triple etc soft or hard CD cases and then dispatched to you.


We ship your Audio Master and all copies to you in one consignment, and you can set up and organise your own method of distribution.


When all the relevant details and instructions have been finalized and confirmed, your work is carried out and delivered to you as soon as possible.  This process is determined by each unique job depending on the specifications and number of copies which you require.


What do I do now then?


Write down a few notes detailing your job, number of duplications required and so on, then pick up the phone and call me 07450 245850 and we can discuss your project in detail.


Or you can send an email outlining details of your project to: audio@azzabat.co.uk




Last updated January 2013